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The Join the Club collection of fragrances represents a series of exclusive clubs, from art and poetry to yachting and golf.

In keeping with the rare nature of these fragrances, ingredients are kept a closely guarded secret, instead inviting the wearer to immerse themselves in the imagined world.

Be transported to the luxurious yachting lifestyle on the mesmerising Mediterranean sea with 40 Knots.

Colourful marine life, the glistening rays of the sun and the taste of freedom that comes from the open water is bottled in this highly unique fragrance.


SKU: 8033488155148
  • 40 knots opens with a sea breeze, heated by the sun. Splashes of saltwater add a refreshing touch to this otherwise warm fragrance. After a while, the heart of 40 knots opens and woody notes follow one another, accompanied by smooth Armagnac.


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