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In a room illuminated only by flashing neon lights coming from the crowded street, she sees her reflection in the dark mirror while lighting a thin cigarette. Even though barely visible in the shadows, an opulent bouquet on the ornate dresser made of Arabian wood radiates the scents of irresistible Damask Rose, powdery Iris, and addictive Ylang flowers, awaking the temptation in her caramel-brown eyes. The soft, raspberry-colored leather gloves lying by the wine-red lipstick match perfectly with her long hair that gleams in deep tones of blackcurrant with her every move. She decides to end this peaceful moment by heading towards the door and entering a chaotic world, where she suddenly finds herself surrounded by a walking mass. They all can feel that she will obey to nothing, but the Deviant inside her.

This Extrait de Parfum for Her & Him contains 30 percent of precious perfume essence. Every single flacon of Deviant is meticulously handcrafted and uniquely patterned by our artisans to give it its very own unique visual expression. None is like the other, making every single a real collector’s piece.



SKU: 0745178111201
  • Top Notes: Red Grapes, Ylang-Ylang, Pink Grapefruit & Raspberries
    Middle Notes: Rosa Damascena, Orris, Blackcurrant & Caramel
    Base Notes: Leather, Vanilla, Agarwood, Tobacco Leaves & Lipstick
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