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Amber has always enhanced the most sensual scents. Its majestic and enigmatic notes remind us of a fantasized view of the East, noble and elegant which wraps you in its embrace. Ambre by Nino reveals an incredible accord between sensual floral notes which keeps the mystery alive. It’s a journey to the heart of the material where tonka bean complements the amber, spices, and sandalwood. Later, the base notes reveal the vibrant litany of musk and vanilla, magnified by powerful notes of cedar and patchouli. The sophistication of a powdery fragrance that continues to challenge sexuality.


SKU: 3700227207073
  • Top Notes: Floral Notes, Ozonic Notes, Tonka Bean, and Geranium

     Middle Notes: Amber, Spices, Benzoin, and Sandalwood

    Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Cedar and Patchouli.

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