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Powerful and suave, this fragrance subtly scented with vanilla and Tonka notes is a tribute to Patchouli, a symbol of freedom and travel. Sensual by its generous notes, it takes us to distant, magical, and fascinating horizons. Vanille Patchouli is an Eau de Parfum that deliciously exhales the skin.


Among the four olfactory universes that are the source of our inspiration (Traditional Vanillas, Carnet de Voyage, Souvenirs d'Enfance, le Verger), Vanille Patchouli Eau de Parfum is a natural choice for the Carnet de Voyage family.


Imported to England in the mid-19th century, patchouli leaves quickly became a staple of scented sachets, potpourri, and perfumes. It was at this time that Patchouli arrived in France. Immediately spotted by perfumers, it perfumed the great Parisian boulevards where cashmere shawls from India and Indonesia were sold. During the crossings, the precious goods traveled on the boats wrapped in patchouli leaves to fight moths. Once unpacked in the capital's stores, it was noticed that some shawls were more successful than others, attracting irrepressible female customers. For a long time, we looked for the reason: was it the patterns or the colors? Not only... This irresistible attraction was mainly linked to the intoxicating scent of Patchouli that permeated the stoles. From then on, Patchouli was introduced in the composition of many perfumes.


We select pure ingredients of high quality from the surrounding nature and natural vanilla extracts from Madagascar and Mexico. They are combined with 100% natural alcohol, guaranteed without phthalate to obtain compositions with sincere notes that come to life on the skin.


In the respect of traditions, 21 days of maceration are necessary to guarantee a balanced olfactory construction. This work allows the subtle alliance of all the ingredients. Particular care is also given to the glazing and filtration stages which determine the stability and constancy of the compositions over time.


SKU: 3450270040416
  • Notes: Patchouli Leaf, Madagascar Vanilla, Smoke, Egyptian Pelargonium, Rose Geranium

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