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With this eau de parfum Vanilla Monoï we offer you a floral, solar and suave fragrance. The delicate aromas of the Tiare flower are associated with the sweetness of vanilla, to offer a delicious and bewitching perfume that takes you to the end of the world. An Eau de Parfum that awakens our desire for vacation, the simple smell of skin warmed by the sun and hot sand.


Among the four olfactory universes that are the source of our inspiration (Traditionnelles Vanilles, Carnet de Voyage, Souvenirs d'Enfance, le Verger), the Eau de Parfum Vanille Monoï was a natural choice in the Carnet de Voyage family.


The Tiaré flower, a sacred flower used in the composition of monoï, invites us to dream and to sensuality. The mere mention of its name has the power to make us travel to the paradisiacal islands of the South Pacific. Between turquoise lagoons and white sand beaches, this flower is emblematic of Tahiti and the archipelagos of French Polynesia.


We select pure ingredients of high quality from the surrounding nature and natural vanilla extracts from Madagascar and Mexico. They are combined with 100% natural alcohol, guaranteed without phthalate to obtain compositions with sincere notes that come to life on the skin.


In the respect of traditions, 21 days of maceration are necessary to guarantee a balanced olfactory construction. This work allows the subtle alliance of all the ingredients. Particular care is also given to the glazing and filtration stages which determine the stability and constancy of the compositions over time.


SKU: 3760276942707
  • Notes: Tahitian Tiare Flower, Vanilla, Amber

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