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With this Eau de perfume, we wanted to sublimate the Rose de Grasse, to modernize the expression of joy and grace through chords of aquatic notes, a sparkling Rose, and a warm amber base. Rose has a rich and heavy floral scent that is spicy, woody, and honeyed, a truly authentic fragrance to the flower.


Among the five olfactory universes that are the source of our inspiration (Traditionnelles Vanilles, Carnet de Voyage, Souvenirs d'Enfance, le Verger, Collection Oud), Rose Sublime Eau de parfum was a natural choice for the carnet de voyage family.


The Damask Rose, originally from the East, was brought back to the West by the knight Robert de Brie on his return from the crusade around 1254 in Provins. Its delicate smell reminds us of the roses in our grandmothers' gardens. It is considered one of the oldest varieties of roses.


There are many stories and legends about the queen of flowers. The ancient civilizations already used the rose as the main ingredient in the manufacture of perfumes. The Arabs and Berbers of Morocco distilled roses and produced rose water as early as the first century BC. Today, roses are used in the composition of most perfumes. Everyone has an anecdote about this flower, an opinion, a relationship with it. The rose is the flower that we like to offer. The smell of our childhood. A springtime and sweet scent. In fact, the rose is the flower, the sublime flower.


We select pure ingredients of high quality from the surrounding nature. They are combined with 100% natural alcohol, guaranteed without phthalate to obtain compositions with sincere notes that come to life on the skin.


In the respect of traditions, 21 days of maceration are necessary to guarantee a balanced olfactory construction. This work allows the subtle alliance of all the ingredients. Particular care is also given to the glazing and filtration stages which determine the stability and constancy of the compositions over time.


SKU: 3760276942745
  • Notes: Damask Rose, Rose, Watery Notes, Amber, Woody Notes, Spicy Notes, Honey

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