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A bouquet of sumptuous flowers and deep woods blend to magnify the oriental character of this fragrance. It is a game of balance between the sweetness of flowers and the depth of the Oud... A very good introduction for those who want to discover the charms of the Orient!


We have for a will to compose our perfumed creations with materials of great quality coming from here and elsewhere. We have selected Oud wood, an exceptional oriental material, a symbolic essence of the Orient. We were intrigued by this little-known material. So we decided to work with it, to wear it, to adopt it, to reinterpret it in a collection dedicated to it, around four Eau de Parfum: Rose Oud, Black Oud, Amber Oud, Blossom Oud, and Incense Oud.


Oud comes from a rare tree found in Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand ...). To protect itself from a parasitic fungus, the tree produces a fragrant resin with rich and multiple facets. This resin is the OUD. For thousands of years, the Oud has been known for its purifying properties. It is considered a divine manifestation, capable of purifying the body and mind. It has been, over the ages, adopted by almost all religions: embalming in Egypt, the tree of the Garden of Eden, the incense offered to the child Jesus, the favorite scent of the prophet Mohammed ... Its smell fascinates by its leathery, woody, spicy, animal ... a bewitching and refined mixture.


We select pure ingredients of high quality from the surrounding nature and natural vanilla extracts from Madagascar and Mexico. They are combined with 100% natural alcohol, guaranteed without phthalate to obtain compositions with sincere notes that come to life on the skin.


In the respect of traditions, 21 days of maceration are necessary to guarantee a balanced olfactory construction. This work allows the subtle alliance of all the ingredients. Particular care is also given to the glazing and filtration stages which determine the stability and constancy of the compositions over time.


SKU: 3450270092675
  • Notes: Sandalwood, Jasmine, Agarwood (Oud), Cedar

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