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The sound of your own footsteps through the misty forest becomes louder as the dwindling light removes the certainty in your surroundings. Flashes of Violet, like sparks of light in the darkness, your guide is your touch, instinct, and the scent of Jasmine. This moment caresses you with a warm, harmonious presence, at the same time, evokes a deep sense of mystery, signaling a journey into the unknown. You draw a fast breath as somewhere in the distance an emerging drumming sound envelops your soul. Cardamom, Amber, and Musk dance on the gentle breeze, a mystical experience is just beyond the path, waiting to be discovered.


SKU: 8051277330262
  • Top Notes: Violet

    Middle Notes: Jasmine and Cardamom

    Base Notes: Musk and Amber.

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