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White, weathered sands under fiery, summer sun, infinite-like, vast, deep turquoise ocean, and clear, the blue sky right at your fingertips. The hypnotizing sound of the wind running through vast spaces of exotic vegetation. The sound of waves and the wind plundering the exotic vegetation. Mesmerized senses trying to find balance in the midst of life's hypnotizing beauty. What does this Island smell like? We can feel the citrus-like aromas – ripe grapefruits and oranges smell filling the air; green leafy notes along with daring black pepper densely hidden in the very heart of the Island; ocean polished sweet cedar and guaiac wood by the sandy, white beach; a gentle exotic floral breeze.


SKU: 5907554493119
  • Top Notes: galbanum, grapefruit, bitter orange
    Middle Notes: pepper, cyclamen, tomato leaf, guaiac wood
    Base Notes: cedarwood, amber, driftwood, musk

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