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Hot desert dunes brought to life by the wind, forever reshaped with every new rush of air. Heavy and hot, dry air; the eternal and omnipresent silence, pleasant emptiness, and seclusion that brings peace and calm. What can you smell? We feel that the scent of the desert is as erratic as its shimmering sands, uneasy to grasp and uneasy to inalterably depict. The top lays before us the warmth of the cinnamon, when the subtle wind comes it unravels Cypriol and patchouli, you can find notes of incense and sandalwood in the depths of the dunes as well as the green vetiver of every oasis hidden from the eye-sight.


SKU: 5907554493096
  • Top Notes: cinnamon, carnation, incense
    Middle Notes: patchouli, Cypriol, sandal, vetyver, tobacco
    Base Notes: oud, benzoin resinoid, vanilla, amber, leather

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