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MEFISTO GENTILUOMO is the perfect gentlemen’s cologne created in 1888 for the traditional Italian barber’s shops.

With their handsome hardwood floors and leather chairs, the shops, combining traditional men’s grooming with political and literary conversations, were the perfect environment for the gentlemen who wished to look slick and sharp, ready for all special occasions.

MEFISTO GENTILUOMO is a perfect blend of precious Italian citrus oils, Mediterranean lavender flowers and orris extracts, crafted with precious sandal and cedar woods.

Soothing perfumed oils and shaving creams enrich the MEFISTO GENTILUOMO grooming experience


SKU: 8033488158057
  • Mefisto Genitluomo is a perfume with timeless elegance, the one that allows you to imagine yourself in an evening stroll, freshly shaved and combed, while talking about world affairs with a group of gentlemen colleagues.

    Top Notes: Lavender, Grapefruit, Bergamot, and Lemon

    Middle Notes: Violet, iris, and Rose

    Base Notes: Musk, Cedar and Amber.

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