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Lira is a femme fatale with gourmand vibes of caramel, sparkling citrus, refreshing lavender, and a soft spicy core composed of cinnamon and liquorice delivering an intoxicating twist. Lira is a simple fragrance with an enormous impact. It has been amplified by the fine fresh scent of caramel and vanilla, supported by soothing blood orange that lasts until dry-down, and deepened by soft spices. A clash of warm and sweet notes with juicy fresh fruits and narcotic Egyptian jasmine that composes a sumptuously romantic base.

Lira is a mysterious provocative and talented starlet


SKU: 8033488153595
  • Lira captivates you with its sparkling blend of Mediterranean citrus, delicately wrapped in lavender flowers. Its uncompromising appeal is revealed by distilled Bulgarian rose and narcotic Egyptian jasmine, both of which are blended in a heady vanilla and caramel love potion.

    Top Notes: Blood Orange, Bergamot, and Lavender

    Middle Notes: Cinnamon, Licorice, and Jasmine

    Base Notes: Caramel, Vanille and Musk.

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