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Avant-garde chic, imitation's enemy, Contrasts and wonders, movements set free, Entrechats in a surprising choreography, With the dignity and style of lady-like beauty.
Welcome aboard, destination Sloane Street!
Behold the three Graces, delightful and charming:
The essence of their mythical femininity
Underlying each woman's living reality.
Time is spent in noisy smooches and long embraces, The clatter of high heels and the clip of quick paces.
Luxurious parades shows of sweetness and light, Under wide-brimmed hats, floral and bright.
A single flower is too little for elegant ladies.
They wear a mobile garden with verve and flair.
Rich velvet violets, roses rustling and frilly, They carry glamour with them; its scent fills the air.


SKU: 3700494650022
  • Top Notes: Jasmine, Violet, Orange

    Middle Notes: Rose

    Base Notes: Cedar, Amber

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