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The floral cradle of this fragrance, Is the iris, reigning in abundance,
It is accompanied also by the jasmine flower, With its fragile body and perfume high in power.
Emerging at the foot of an ancestral cedar tree, That shelters under its bark a heart wild and free.
Like Undine, the mischievous water sprite, Playfully cruising downriver at night, Disappearing from view, leaving you to pine, Then coming back as unexpectedly to help you find One paradise after another, secret and wondrous.
Release it from its chalice, deep and mysterious.
Let it tantalize your senses and alter perceptions, Steer you to adventures and challenge conventions.


SKU: 3700494650015
  • Top Notes: Jasmine, Bergamot, Rose Berries

    Middle Notes: Iris

    Base Notes: Vanilla, Cedar

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