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A Seed
A Seeker
On a pilgrimage A path as old as the ages Travelling through the night
Slipping softly under moonlight Riding on a cozy blanket of azure,
Flying on hushed air, clear and pure Making a quick stop on the way home
To inscribe on the sky a handwritten poem, Goddesses dressed in leather, helmets hiding their hair, Lounge on sofas made of fluffy clouds and thick night air, While little princes hop from one fabled planet to the next,
Aces looking for adventure, by challenge never vexed, Serenely leaping over the grey and choppy swell. 

Disciples, follow, drink from the well Of heavy clouds pregnant with rain,
Water rising and falling again, Swoop, plunge, and repeat.
Mission complete.
The eagle knows How it goes:
You must fly Or die.


SKU: 3700494651012
  • Top Notes: Citurs, Bergamot, Orange

    Middle Notes: Violet leaves, Petitgrain

    Base Notes: Mate, Santal

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