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There are blacks so deep and dense.
They seem both translucent and mysterious, And scintillations so compelling and intense.
All else fades around their sensuous trysts.
Like them, perfumes emerging from the earth Into purple night seem to fall from the sky And emanate like prayers at a blossom's birth.
Gods brew ambrosia in the Flower Temple on high And to win the spirits' favour, opposites unite.
When green leaves are full on the summer trees, Rosemary brings remembrance to lovers' delight, And discovers its unexpected affinities
With the woodsy fragrance of vetiver, Which recalls the fires of colder days, Places to warm up and stay close together, Seeking and sought by an intimate gaze.


SKU: 3700494651036
  • Top Notes: Fresh Ferns

    Middle Notes: Rosemary, Nutmeg

    Base Notes: Liatrex, Amber, Vetiver

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