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Do you remember the lavender fields, patches of indigo that garbed the mountains, as though the heavenly sky had lowered on the earth its blue blanket, from on high?
And white, fresh-painted cottages, on country roads below?
Delicate aromas rising from herbs picked that day, drops of love spilling from a heart that is broken?
Tracastel's air, from sleepy Grasse awoken, starting its moming with a fragrant floral bouquet ?
Luminous crossings from Provence overseas to Africa's shore, following our instinct's lead?
Memory's smells, and the tastes on which we feed, draw our memories to lands where our hearts roamed free.
Our thoughts will follow the path of Giono's dreams through Kessel's fantasies and scrublands, from the shadows Of otherworldly spirits, to gentle savannah meadows ?
The Massai tracker will guide you around lakes and streams.
Close your eyes to reality, and open your mind's eye within to see the world in your imagination. Wouldn't you love to go on exotic adventures, up to the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, travelling in make believe ? Such beauty to imagine !


SKU: 3700494651548
  • Top Notes: Neroli, Incense

    Middle Notes: Vetiver, Lily, Iris

    Base Notes: Grasse'e bouquet of spices

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