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Like the charmingly waifish Eliza Doolittle, who blooms into a deliciously aristocratic young belle in My Fair Lady, Lily is a perfumery classic that has been gilded into a divinely shimmering cloud of a fragrance. Professor Higgins could not have concocted anything more natural and naïve, yet devilishly seductive and elegant than My Fair Lily. As radiant and fair as Eliza, this floral Nuage draws on a Casablanca lily brightened with wild chamomile and rhubarb, and sensually deepened with patchouli and vetiver. My Fair Lily is a most disarmingly untamed lily, pirouetting between mischievous innocence and aristocratic grace.


SKU: 8002135139985
  • Top Notes: Chamomile, Watery Notes, and Rhubarb

    Middle Notes: Casablanca Lily

    Base Notes: Vetiver and Patchouli.

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