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Accendis 0.2 by Accendis Perfume. Open the soul and let nature envelope the senses with Accendis 0.2, released in 2015. This perfume artistically creates a smoky and woody aura that penetrates the spirit and unleashes the power within. It opens with the fresh and crisp aroma of Peru balsam sprinkled with spicy black pepper. As the senses awaken, a rush of guaiac wood and cedar meld for a woody heart that is seductive and warm. Yearning to savor the smell, a welcoming base of leathery labdanum and exquisite agarwood wood adds to the effect for an enduring finish.

Latin for to illuminate and enhance aromas, Accendis stays true to its meaning. The Italian perfumer infuses artistry and nature into each of it scents to create one-of-a-kind olfactory experiences that enlighten and capture the senses and emotions. The company has two complementary collections that highlight the attraction of opposites. One comes in a black glass an is inspired by the dark night while the other features a white class representative of twinkling starlight.


SKU: 8054521910029
  • Top Notes: Peru Balsam and Black Pepper

    Middle Notes: Cedar and Guaiac Wood

    Base Notes: Labdanum and Agarwood (Oud).

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